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Sexual health patients are complex and require a multi-step approach.  For this reason, Dr. Javaid, with the support of The Patty Brisben Foundation for Women’s Sexual Health, formed the Ohio Center for Sexual Health. 

The mission of the Ohio Center for Sexual Health is to provide women with access to experts in the field of sexual medicine:

  • Gynecology
  • Oncology
  • Urogynecology
  • Pelvic floor physical therapy
  • Sexual health counseling

The center will give women a place to go with their sexual health concerns - to be able to ask questions, seek therapy, and do so with providers who take insurance.

Women’s sexual health has long been ignored and there has been a real lack of information and treatment options - until now.  Women from all walks of life, young and old, post -menopausal,  cancer survivors, women from different sexual orientations, religion, race -  all have sexual health concerns, but many suffer in silence. They may be embarrassed to ask questions, they may think their problems are  their fault, or they may feel they have nowhere to go to express their concerns. Dr. Javaid created the Ohio Center for Sexual Health to help empower women to take control of their sexual health.

About Dr. Javaid

Dr. Javaid  is Cincinnati’s leading women’s sexual health provider and a National Luminary for Women's Intimate Health. Her passion to provide women with health care for their sexual health concerns led her to open Somi Javaid MD & Associates in 2015.  Her practice is a JHACCO accredited surgical center which allows surgery on site as well onsite sonogram and phlebotomy.  Dr. Javaid’s vision was to open a practice that is able to provide total care for the patient. 

Somi Javaid MD & Associates is one of three Syneron National Centers of Gynecologic Excellence.   Her practice is also a training site for physicians to learn the latest treatments for women's sexual health.  She is the only provider in Cincinnati that performs botox for vaginismus.

Dr. Javaid completed her preceptorship at the San Diego Institute of Sexual Medicine and is a NAMS graduate and ISSWSH graduate.  She is a speaker for addyi, intrarosa and syneron. She travels across the country to inform and train other physicians on the latest developments and treatments for sexual health.


  • Board Certified OB/GYN
  • ISSWSH graduate
  • Preceptorship at San Diego Institute of Sexual Medicine
  • Speaker for AMAG
  • Speaker for Addyi
  • Luminary for Syneron Intimate Women’s Health
  • Expertise in CO2 laser - Dr. Javaid has performed thousands of these procedures
  • NAMS graduate
  • Dr. Somi Javaid MD & Associates is a training site for other physicians learning about sexual health
  • Dr. Javaid Travels the country speaking to physicians about sexual health and training them in the latest procedures and technologies
  • Dr. Javaid is trained in Vaginal Botox for Vaginismus and is one of the few providers in the country to perform this procedure.

Providers for the Ohio Center of Sexual Health


Dr. Somi Javaid, MD - Somi Javaid MD and Associates - 513.404.4166

Dr. Sarah Bartlett, MD - Somi Javaid MD and Associates - 513.404.4166

Susan Oakley, MD – Urogynecology – 859.757.2132

Kathleen M Novicki, PT – Oxford Physical Therapy – 516.336.0540

Emma Schmidt and Associates - Sex + relationship therapy -  513.438.0448