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Low Libido, or lack of sex drive, is actually a common diagnosis for women. How often have you heard yourself saying “I’m just not in the mood”?  For some, the lack of desire to have sex, masturbate or to even have sexual fantasies is a fairly new phenomenon, for others it’s been a way of life for as long as they can remember. It may have absolutely nothing to do with the quality of your relationship with your partner, but it can affect it.

Speaking frankly with a qualified sexual medicine expert like Dr. Somi Javaid can help you solve this tricky problem. Causes of low libido can include certain types of birth control methods, menopause, past trauma, and family stress or depression. Not having sex isn’t life-threatening, but why sacrifice your own overall happiness and pleasure without it? Let’s get to the bottom of this.

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-Dr. Somi Javaid, Gynecologist, Sexual Medicine & Menopause Expert, Anti-aging Specialist