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Too many women are afraid to speak up about important health concerns, especial- ly on the topic of their sexual health. Somi Javaid, MD, a Cincinnati board-certified OBGYN specialist and sexual medicine ex- pert, wants to empower women and start the conversation.

“Sexual health is a key component to women’s health,” says Dr. Javaid. “Sexual- ly active women are happier and healthier, but there are many obstacles in the way; menopause, surgery, medications and can- cer. After practicing gynecology for more than a decade, I knew there was a real void in medicine in the arena of sexual health.”

Somi Javaid, MD & Associates is a space where women and their partners can feel free, safe and confident to open up about the most private of issues including orgasm dysfunction, female sexual arousal disorder, painful sex, low libido, sexual abuse trau- ma and other vaginal-specific dysfunctions such as vaginal laxity.

In fact, this is the only office in Greater Cincinnati to provide vaginal laxity treatment using the Intima Laser by Syneron. This one- of-a-kind technology is proven to improve bladder control, pelvic or- gan prolapse and help increase satisfaction during sexual intercourse. Dr. Javaid is a luminary for the Syneron Company in order to educate physicians and medical staff across the country about the Intima Laser.
Dr. Javaid’s welcoming, knowledgeable nature, mixed with the spa aesthetic of her practice, invites women to have an empowering experience unlike any typical doctor’s office.

“Many of my patients share that they’ve never felt comfortable dis- cussing their sexual health because their provider never initiated the conversation,” says Dr. Javaid. Her mission is to remove the stigma by creating a safe space to explore any topics her patients are comfortable addressing.

Along with the number of in-office treatments offered, Dr. Javaid believes counseling is a key component of the healing and treatment process. “I refer my patients to a wonderful therapist who specializes in sexual therapy for couples,” says Dr. Javaid. “Beyond medical treat- ment, counseling will heal any shame, pain or embarrassment that the sexual issue has caused for the couple.”

Dr. Javaid is well versed on women’s sexual health: she is a North American Menopause Society (NAMS) graduate and a member of the International Society for the Study of Women’s Sexual Health. Addi- tionally, Dr. Javaid has trained at the San Diego Institute for Sexual Medicine and is a certified prescriber of ADDYI – the first ever sexual drug approved by the FDA for women. Dr. Javaid is also a proud partner of the Lady Sparrow Foundation, a nonprofit organization spreading the word on sexual dysfunction.

Somi Javaid, M.D. & Associates is a boutique practice that of- fers everything a woman needs to look and feel her best under one roof. Whether it’s hormones, sex, menopause, wellness, surgery, body shaping or aesthetics. Dr. Javaid and her team of highly trained and compassionate women are focused on nurturing a higher sense of well-being.

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