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If you are certain that your family is complete and that you don’t want to have more children, you may want to consider permanent birth control.  Essure® is the only non-surgical permanent birth control and is offered here at Somi Javaid, M.D. & Associates.

Essure Provides Peace of Mind

Essure is a highly effective contraceptive that provides peace of mind regarding unplanned pregnancy. It has been available for more than 10 years, and about 750,000 women have chosen it as their permanent method of birth control. Because Essure is permanent and irreversible, please call us to discuss alternative birth control methods if you are unsure about having children in the future.

Essure is a short 10-minute procedure that can be performed right in our office. Typically, you can go home just 45 minutes after the procedure, and you can return to normal activities in about 1-2 days. The FDA-approved Essure inserts don’t contain any hormones and, according to its manufacturers, they are over 99% effective at preventing pregnancy permanently.

The Essure Procedure

As you are lying down, Essure inserts are implanted into each of the fallopian tubes through the vagina. Over the next few months, these inserts will work with your body to form a natural barrier that blocks sperm from reaching the eggs, thereby preventing pregnancy. During the period that your body is forming this natural barrier (about 3 months), another form of birth control must be used to avoid pregnancy. After that time, your doctor will conduct a test to ensure that the Essure procedure was successful and that it can be relied upon for permanent birth control.

Essure is Not the Birth Control Method for Everyone

Essure may not be right for you if you have had your tubes tied, are or have been pregnant within the past 6 weeks, have an active or recent pelvic infection or have a known allergy to contrast dye. Additionally, please let us know if you are taking immunosuppressants before deciding upon Essure.

If you are considering permanent birth control, please contact or call us at 513.404.4166 today so that we can discuss whether Essure is the right permanent procedure for you.