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Painful intercourse is termed as “dyspareunia” in the medical arena and refers to the constant or on again, off again pain in the genital area during, after or right before intercourse. If you feel that this describes you, don’t worry – there are options. Speaking to a certified sexual medicine expert such as our own Dr. Somi Javaid can help get you on the right road to treatment. 

Dyspareunia can be diagnosed when there is pain during penetration, newly realized pain after sex, and/or burning, aching and throbbing pain lasting long after intercourse is over. These pains can be associated with lack of proper lubrication during sex, past irritation from infections or history of surgery, past abuse, vaginismus, or congential abnormalities. 

There is no need to suffer with dyspareunia alone. Let’s talk and help get back to a normal and healthy sex life.

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-Dr. Somi Javaid, Gynecologist, Sexual Medicine & Menopause Expert, Anti-aging Specialist