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CO2RE is the latest in laser skin resurfacing from Syneron and Candela. It treats wrinkles (deep wrinkles and fine lines) and rejuvenates skin both superficially and deeply. It will help make scars, discoloration, age spots, large pores, sun damage, skin tone/dull skin issues and wrinkles vanish and will even help improve skin laxity. Face lifts are a thing of the past – welcome to the new age of beauty…It’s like no other skin treatment you’ve ever received. Look and feel younger in just one trip to Somi Javaid & Associates. 

How it Works    

The CO2RE laser waves create miniscule columns that immediately go into healing and rejuvenation mode, which is how the resurfacing and “clean start” occurs. CO2RE features dual laser waves that can be adjusted to treat skin at both the superficial and deep levels at the same time. This means a more efficient and effective treatment that can get you in and out of the office literally in minutes. Since minor discomfort could be experienced during the short procedure, your Aesthetic RN may apply topical anesthetics. Dramatic results can be seen after just one treatment, though subsequent treatments (perhaps up to 3 visits) may be recommended depending on your beauty and wellness goals. Over the counter pain relievers can help relieve any discomfort in the day or two following the procedure. Some patients may see a downtime up to a week after the treatment. This is due to dead skin becoming more tan and coarse, then flaking off and giving time for redness to ease away as new skin is born.

Is it Safe?

Yes. If you have any specific concern regarding the CO2RE laser treatment, Dr. Javaid & Associates are more than happy to discuss treatment plans with you. 

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