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We here at Somi Javaid & Associates aim to empower women by helping them feel & look their best. We look forward to partnering with our patients by serving up reliable healthcare, and by implementing  the latest, most effective FDA approved technology in medical spa treatments. 

Recently we celebrated our grand opening, and had a lot of fun sharing our excitement for Dr. Javaid and what she stands for. Together, representing the ideals and mission of Somi Javaid & Associates, we were able to confidently ham-it-up in front of the camera, which isn't always what people do if they aren't feeling or looking their best. We want every woman to feel that same amount of confidence. No more hiding in the back of group photos, trying to pose strategically, or trying to look as thin or as beautiful as the women you're surrounded by. 

Our culture celebrates perfection, a youthful appearance, and being thin. I'm reminded of this in fitting rooms in search of a flattering pair of shorts or a new swimsuit. The frustration that sometimes ensues just sucks the fun out of shopping.  Would you agree that feeling good about our bodies is imperative to our health and wellness? It's not just about capturing the right angle in a photo and getting "our good side." It's about the potential that good health brings to our life.

A healthy body image helps our inside stay in tune with our outside and vice versa. Feeling good about your body can facilitate increased energy, increased confidence, a healthier libido, and yeseven more enjoyable clothes shopping... The benefits from a healthy body image could in fact be endless. There's much value in liking one's own body.   

Our perception of our image affects how we relate to the world around us, including each other. Younger generations of men and women learn from us, picking up on messages about our bodies, intentional or not. That alone makes being comfortable in our own skin price. 

“I think happiness is what makes you pretty. Period. Happy people are beautiful. They become like a mirror and they reflect that happiness.” -Drew Barrymore    “Happy girls are the prettiest.”-Audrey Hepburn

Does your body image take away from your happiness; are you able to like, love, &  appreciate your body parts?

  • Do you or can you say three positive things about your body every morning?
  • Have you been able to help others with body image issues -by first saving yourself- from negative self talk? 
  • Despite nearly all media efforts, have you refrained from glorifying beauty as merely being thin? 

It's important to be able to answer yes to these questions, but what a struggle this can be! As I've matured, I've learned that it's hard for everyone to answer yes to these questions at times - even for people that appear to have it all together!  Fortunately someone once told me to think of the golden rule applied inward. "Treat yourself the way you would treat others. Show yourself some respect."  Remember the line in the movie The Help, "You is kind, you is smart, you is important”?  It may be overly simplified but sometimes we really do need to remind ourselves of this.  Each time I strike a pose in a group shot I try to remember that great mantra! It helps me to gain the confidence I need to feel and look my best.

Treat yourself the way you would treat others. Show yourself some respect.

The team at SJ&A wants every woman to care for their body by getting regular well checks. But we also encourage women to remember each of us is MORE than just a body, no matter where we are in our journey in life. Why? Because women that know they are MORE than just a body are better able to care for themselves from the inside out. And that is precisely our focus. 

Evon Pitcock for Dr. Somi Javaid MD & Associates 
About the author:
When Ms. Pitcock isn't busy managing all social media for Dr. Somi Javaid MD & Associates she dabbles in her other full time job(s!) as wife, mother, volunteer, and so much more. She understands what it means to have to balance, life, health, love and family - and knows that having a strong sense of self is the key to overall happiness, which is why she is proud to represent Dr. Somi Javaid MD & Associates and the mission for which it represents.