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December News 2016

Save More $$$ on Makeover Monday Dec. 19th!

Botox $11 / unit. Fillers 20% off.

Complimentary chemical peel with  any filler or Botox purchase.

Appointment is necessary. Call 513-404-4166.

Keep Cincinnati Warm!

Bring in new or gently used coats / outerwear this month and receive a $25 Spa Dollar Gift Certificate.

Collection will be sent to local women's shelter.





Be Aware of the Symptoms & Prevention of STDs!

Call your doctor if you have any of the following:

  • New pain in your belly or pelvis.
  • Symptoms of a urinary tract infectionPain or burning when you urinate. A frequent need to urinate without being able to pass much urine. Pain in the flank on either side of the back. Blood in your urine and or a fever.
  • New or worsening pain or swelling in the scrotum.
  • Unusual vaginal bleeding
  • Discharge from the vagina or penis
  • New symptoms, like sores, bumps, rashesblisters, or warts.
  • Itching, tingling, pain, or burning in the genital or anal area.
  • If you think you may have an STI.

Reduce your risk:

  • Delay sexual activity until you are prepared both physically & emotionally. 
  • Make sure your immunizations are up-to-date. You can get a hepatitis A, hepatitis B, and HPV vaccine to prevent these infections.

Practice safer sex:

  • Talk with your partner about STIs before beginning a sexual relationship. Remember that it is quite possible to be infected with an STI without knowing it. How many sex partners has he or she had? What high-risk behaviors does he (or she) have? Has he or she ever had an STI? Was it treated and cured? If the STI is not curable, what is the best way to protect yourself?
  • Avoid sexual contact or activity if you or your partner have symptoms of an STI.
  • Don't have more than one sex partner at a time as your risk increases. 
  • Some STIs can also be spread by oral-to-genital or genital-to-anal sexual contact.
  • Abstain from sexual intercourse to prevent any exposure to STIs.
  • Use a condom to prevent STIs.

“A More Beautiful You Awaits.”-Dr.Somi Javaid, Gynecologist and Sexual Medicine & Menopause Expert